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Rousseff's coalition

Rousseff's coalition, For Brazil to keep on changing, was initially formed by nine political parties, which gave her the largest amount of time for advertisement on television. Sony VAIO VGN-SR190PAB Battery

This was the first time that PT got more television time than its main rival, the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB). However, according to electoral law, television time had to be equal on the run-off. Rousseff's ads were noted for their professionalism and production quality,[76] being rated as the best electoral program by 56% of voters. Sony VAIO VGN-SR190PCB Battery

Rousseff's candidacy was also supported by notable international figures, such as Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro,[78]First Secretary of the French Socialist Party Martine Aubry,[79] and American filmmaker Oliver Stone, who recorded a message on her behalf.[80] Singer Alcione,[81] Portuguese Brazilian economist Maria da Conceição Tavares, Sony VAIO VGN-SR190PFB Battery

and journalist Hildegard Angel (daughter of Zuzu Angel and sister of Stuart Angel)[83] also recorded messages on Rousseff's behalf. On 15 October, Tom Morello posted a message on his Twitter account supporting her candidacy, seen by him as representing "the poor, the working class and the youth." Sony VAIO VGN-SR19VN Battery

On 18 October 2010, Brazilian artists and intellectuals held an event in the Oi Casagrande theatre in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, in order to show their support to Rousseff's candidacy. Among them were Chico Buarque, Beth Carvalho, Alceu Valença, Elba Ramalho, Emir Sader, Oscar Niemeyer, Leonardo Boff, and Marilena Chaui. Sony VAIO VGN-SR19VN Battery

That same day, she received a letter of support by prominent members of the European Green Party, such as Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Dominique Voynet, Monica Frassoni, Philippe Lamberts, Noël Mamère,José Bové, and Yves Cochet.[86] According to the letter, Serra represents "the worst in our society: Sony VAIO VGN-SR19VRN Battery

gender bias, sexism and homophobia, along with the most shady and myopic economic interests."[86]

Brazilian newspaper Brasil de Fato, as well as magazine CartaCapital both declared support for Rousseff's candidacy.Rousseff won the Presidency by an approximate margin of 56% to 44%, and took office on 1 January 2011, as the first woman president of the country. Sony VAIO VGN-SR19XN Battery

She became the third female head of government ever in the history of Brazil, and the first de facto female head of state since the death of Maria I, Queen of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves in 1816.

During her presidential campaign, Rousseff underwent a makeover, replacing glasses with contact lenses, undergoing plastic surgery and adopting a different hairstyle. Sony VAIO VGN-SR19XN Battery

Bulgarian reaction

According to state-owned Bulgarian media, Bulgaria experienced "Dilma fever."[91][92] The local media followed the presidential race in Brazil closely, interested in the election of a half-Bulgarian to rule over the 7th largest economy in the world. Sony VAIO VGN-SR210J/S Battery

In an interview for the 24 Hours newspaper, Rousseff said that she "feel[s] tenderness and love for Bulgaria. I can even say that to a certain extent I do feel like I am Bulgarian, even though I have never been in the country where my father was born. My father died when I was only fifteen years old and I did not have the chance to learn Bulgarian." Sony VAIO VGN-SR21M/S Battery

On November 2010, an exhibition was held in Gabrovo about Rousseff's origins.[94]

After Rousseff's election, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov promptly invited her for an official visit to the country. During her inauguration, he reiterated the invitation.[95] Since her inauguration, Rousseff has received 21 letters from Bulgarian citizens. Sony VAIO VGN-SR21RM/H Battery

Dilma Rousseff was inaugurated as President of Brazil on 1 January 2011. The event – which was organized by her transitional team, the Ministries of External Relations and Defense and the Presidency of the Republic– was awaited with some expectation, since she became the first woman ever to preside over the country. Sony VAIO VGN-SR21RM/S Battery

Important female figures in Brazilian history were honored with panels spread across the Monumental Axis.[98] According to the Military Police of the Federal District, around 30,000 people attended.[99]

Until 21 December 2010, the publishing house of the Senate had printed 1,229 invitations for Rousseff's inauguration.[100] The National Congress expected a total of 2,000 guests for the ceremony. Sony VAIO VGN-SR220J/B Battery

As reported by the press, between 14 and 17 heads of state and government had confirmed their presence.[101][102] Among them were José Sócrates,[103] Juan Manuel Santos, Mauricio Funes, Alan García,José Mujica, Hugo Chávez, Álvaro Colom, Alpha Condé, Sebastián Piñera, Evo Morales,[101] (later canceled due to last minute protests in his country) and Boyko Borisov. Sony VAIO VGN-SR220J/H Battery

U.S. President Barack Obama sent Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to represent him.[101][104] Former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso also attended.[101]

In addition to the formal ceremony, Rousseff's inauguration also featured concerts by five female Brazilian singers: Sony VAIO VGN-SR240J/B Battery

Elba Ramalho, Fernanda Takai, Mart'nália and Zélia Duncan, and Gaby Amarantos.[105] The Ministry of Culture organized the cultural part of the event, having provided a budget of 1.5 million reais (around 0.8 million U.S. dollars) for it.[105] The concerts started at 10:00 am and stopped at 2:00 pm, with the start of the official inauguration ceremony. Sony VAIO VGN-SR240N/B Battery

The concerts continued from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.[106] Rousseff did not attended, as she held a reception at the Itamaraty Palace for foreign authorities attending her inauguration.[106] Each foreign authority had the opportunity to talk to her for 30 seconds.

“Besides representing my dear Brazil, I feel, here, today that I stand representing all women in the world, Sony VAIO VGN-SR290JTH Battery

those who suffer from hunger and cannot provide food to their children, those who suffer violence both at their job and in their family lives and those who have been bold and conquered the power that allows me to be here today.” (A remarkable part of Dilma Roussef’s speech at the 66th opening ceremony of the United Nation’s general assembly. She received thunderous applause by many delegations.) Sony VAIO VGN-SR290JTJ Battery

On 17 December 2010, Rousseff received from the Supreme Electoral Court a diploma attesting her victory in the 2010 presidential election, becoming the first woman in the history of Brazil to receive it.[107] She was unable to name all members of her cabinet until that ceremony, as she had desired. Sony VAIO VGN-SR290JTQ Battery

Rousseff completed the appointment of all 37 members of her cabinet on 22 December 2010.[109] Although she had projected that 30% of her cabinet would be composed of women,[110][111]the females appointed eventually made up 24% of her cabinet. Rousseff's own Workers' Party (PT) comprised 43% of her cabinet, Sony VAIO VGN-SR290JVB/C Battery

with 16 members, while 12 other offices were handed out to six out of ten political parties that formed her winning electoral coalition. The remaining 9 cabinet offices, among which were key offices such as the Presidency of the Central Bank of Brazil, the Ministry of External Relations and the Ministry of the Environment, were handed out to non-partisan technical names.[109] Sony VAIO VGN-SR290JVH/C Battery

Since she took office, Rousseff has changed the members of her cabinet members four times.[112] She has become the President which promoted the highest number of cabinet changes in the first six months of government.[112] On 7 June 2011, Rousseff's then Chief of Staff and influential PT leader, Sony VAIO VGN-SR290NTB Battery

Antonio Palocci resigned from office due to a scandal involving his personal wealth evolution.[112] On the same day, Paraná Senator Gleisi Hoffmann (also from PT) replaced him.[112] Three days later, Ideli Salvatti – former Santa Catarina Senator for PT and Minister of Fishing and Aquaculture up until then – traded office with Luiz Sérgio –Sony VAIO VGN-SR29VN/S Battery

former mayor of Angra dos Reis and licensed federal deputy for Rio de Janeiro (both for PT) and Secretary of Institutional Relations up until that moment.[112]On 6 July, Alfredo Nascimento, then Minister of Transportation, left office after allegations that public works were being overbilled.[112] Sony VAIO VGN-SR29XN/S Battery

On 4 August, Nelson Jobim left the Ministry of Defense after an interview he gave to the Piauí magazine criticizing both Hoffmann and Salvatti.[113] Rousseff named Celso Amorim to replace him.[113] Jobim had previously declared to have voted on José Serra for President.[113] With the changes, the female presence in the cabinet increased to 26%, while the PT presence increased to almost 45%.Sony VAIO VGN-SR2RVN/S Battery

Rousseff's presidency has seen a concerted push to complete a number of hydroelectric dam projects in the Amazon River Basin, despite appeals from residents of areas that would be flooded, drained or otherwise affected, including indigenous tribes, and pressure from both domestic and international groups to abandon such projects. Sony VAIO VGN-SR390NAB Battery

Opposition to the dam projects, especially the Belo Monte Dam project, is driven by environmental, economic and human rights concerns, the latter concerning both the people to be displaced by the projects and the workers brought in from other parts of Brazil to build the dams. Sony VAIO VGN-SR390NAH Battery

Xingu (Kayapo) Chief Raoni Metuktire, along with members of other tribes that will be affected by hydroelectric dam projects proposed or already under construction;[114] NGOs based both in Brazil[115] and internationally, including Greenpeace,[116] Amazon Watch[117] and International Rivers;[118] Sony VAIO VGN-SR41M/P Battery

and international celebrities including director James Cameron, actress Sigourney Weaver, and musician Sting[119] are all calling for the Amazon Basin hydroelectric projects to be halted.

Working conditions for laborers involved in these projects – which Rousseff has insisted should continue, and even be accelerated, Sony VAIO VGN-SR41M/S Battery

with some sites seeing multiple work shifts so that construction can continue more than twenty hours per day – are harsh, while pay is low despite high cost of living at the remote construction sites. This has led to strikes and other worker actions at the sites of several hydroelectric projects. Sony VAIO VGN-SR49VN/H Battery

In spring of 2012, 17 000 workers at the Jirau Dam site went on strike for over three weeks, and later some began setting fire to dam structures and looting company stores, and even destroying some worker housing. Military troops were eventually deployed to quell the rioting and end the labor strike.[120] Sony VAIO VGN-SR51B/P Battery

Meanwhile, multiple courts, offices and state governments continue to pursue judicial means of halting dam projects, with the status of the Belo Monte project having been reversed so many times via injunctions and appeals that only the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court remains[121] — along with, theoretically, theInter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDH), Sony VAIO VGN-SR51B/S Battery

which is the judicial body of the Organization of American States (OAS), and has also called on Brazil to halt Belo Monte and other projects which are accused of human rights violations; but President Rousseff has already recalled the Brazilian ambassador to the OAS, and furthermore is withholding Brazil's annual contribution to the CIDH, approximately US$800 000.[122] Sony VAIO VGN-SR51MF Battery

Dilma is less popular with the Brazilian LGBT social movements than expected from a left-wing president, and an often cited reason is that there are many instances in the government's balance of power where disagreements with the right-wing factions may have side effects (for instance, despite the fact that Brazil is a secular state, Sony VAIO VGN-SR51MF/P Battery

religion in politics is openly discussed, with the best example being the bancada evangélica, a collective for the Evangelical andPentecostal Congressmen). While LGBT rights in Brazil are developing faster in the last ten years, including May 2011 Brazilian Supreme Federal Court's rules in a unanimous 10-0 decision, with one abstaintation, to legalise same-sex civil unions,[123] Sony VAIO VGN-SR51MF/S Battery

in the same month a spokesperson for President Dilma Rousseff announced that she has suspended an upcoming distribution of sex education videos through the ministries of health and education, saying that the "anti-homophobia kits," as they are known, are "inappropriate for children" and do not offer an objective view of homosexuality. Sony VAIO VGN-SR51MF/W Battery

Most of it were stories about teenagers accepting their own transexualidade, as transsexualism is called in Brazil, or bisexuality, and it included a guide for teachers.

They were directed at high school classes, so that the average age of the Brazilian students presented to the kit would be between 14 and 18. Sony VAIO VGN-SR51MR Battery

Dilma further said in May 2011 that "[t]he government supports education as well the struggle against homophobic practices. However, it will not be allowed for any government body to make propaganda for sexual options", using the common albeit less educated and politically correct Portuguese term for sexual orientations.[125] Sony VAIO VGN-SR59VG Battery

Since May 25, 2012, Dilma's government has been facing a number of strikes of public service employees, especially University Professors. Dilma has been inflexible, and the strike has left millions of students without classes for months.[126] According to O Globo, a Rio de Janeiro newspaper, Dilma believes private sector jobs should be prioritized by her government's policies. Sony VAIO VGN-NW380F/S Battery

In October 2010, Rousseff was included in the Forbes' list of the most powerful people in the world, at the 16th position.[128][129] She was the third best placed woman on the list, after Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, and Sonia Gandhi, President of the Indian National Congress. In August 2011, Sony VAIO VGN-NW380F/T Battery

Rousseff was included in the Forbes' list of the most powerful women in the world, at the 3rd position, behind only Merkel and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.[130]She climbed from the 95th position on the 2010 list.[131] Sony VAIO VGN-NW50JB Battery

On 20 September, she received a Woodrow Wilson Public Service Award at the Pierre Hotel in New York City, a distinction which was also given to her predecessor in 2009. On the following day, she became the first woman to open a session of the United Nations General Assembly.[132] Rousseff was featured on the cover of Newsweek magazine on 26 September 2011. Sony VAIO VGN-NW51FB/N Battery

During her state visit to Bulgaria, on 5 October 2011, Rousseff was awarded Bulgaria’s highest state honour, the Order of Stara Planina. Sony VAIO VGN-NW51FB/W Battery,Sony VAIO VGN-NW70JB Battery,Sony VAIO VGN-NW71FB/N Battery

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